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With its state-of-the-art drone technology, Uprify delivers precise, reliable and crucial information to the likes of the resource sectors and the agriculture and construction industries. Let us help you discover greater efficiencies and new insights for asset management, cropping and spraying, dilapidation reporting, infrastructure monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

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Uprify embraces a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach with solutions which are safer, affordable and less invasive.

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Our Capability Statement

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By adopting the latest technology, Uprify increases safety standards within industry, restricting the need to put personnel in potentially high-risk situations. Cost-effective, accurate, agile and empathetic. 


The dedicated team at Uprify pride themselves on integrity, local knowledge, customer service and ongoing high standards. Safety, reliability and accuracy are key pillars which drive our day-to-day operation. We proudly support local contractors and suppliers, and embrace challenges with a proactive, agile outlook. 


Our professionalism is backed by a genuine passion for the industry and future opportunities for autonomous efficiencies. 


Uprify’s professional and passionate team has extensive experience working within agriculture, aviation and the resource sector.


Our management team has managed their own properties, giving us an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and beneficial applications of drones. With crucial ReOC approval from CASA and unmanned aerial vehicle certification, we are licensed for weight categories and aerial system.


Licensed to work day and night, with essential Remote Operators certification (ReOC) underscoring our strengths. Our drone pilots set the standard for precision and reliability.