Photography & Video Production

Tell your brand story

We’re living in a visual world. Our photography and video production can help solidify your brand identity and create an opportunity for a new type of engagement with your target audience. We combine both aerial with traditional ground photography to produce impacting results.

Uprify provides you a cost-effective way to gain an edge over competitors and to better tell your brand story. Uprify can capture footage from several locations to offer a behind-the-scenes look at your company and how you operate. We can also capture real people or business-related events from a unique perspective to tell your compelling brand narrative.

Storytelling Content

We work alongside our clients to gain the best understanding of what they want to achieve and the key messages to portray. We believe it is the storytelling content itself that really holds the highest value for our clients.

None of the footage captured would be useful without knowing how to conceptualize and produce the content that makes our client’s stories come to life. We edit and piece together the footage to craft a branded video that best captures your organisation. From cutting to key framing, colour corrections, overlays and more our link to the film and tv industry means we are always up to date on best practices.


Share your brand story

Our footage collected is put together as a unique brand story for you and your business to be used for various applications.

We create:

  • Company Profile videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Brand stories
  • Educational/Industry videos
  • Videos for contracts or tender submissions
  • Videos for your website
  • Social media content

Trained and Equipped

We have the experience and flexibility to fulfil promotional, corporate, cinematic and training videos from limited budgets to professional shoots. We also have experience in live-streaming, creating accompanying creative assets and ‘promo bits’ and adding any voiceovers, overlays, music and more. We utilise both cinema air and ground assets.

Our air assets include the:

  • Inspire 2 aircraft for high resolution aerials in up to 6K.
  • Mavic Air 2 for up to 4k video or 48mp photos with the ability to get indoors or in tight areas. 

Our ground assets include:

  • RED cameras of various models shooting high resolutions up to 8k in a high frame rate.
  • Sony a7iii and a7s iii for high resolutions and superior low light performance as well as highly detailed RAW photos.

We also carry numerous filters, car rigs, gimbals, sound equipment and more to ensure the highest standard in our completed product .


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