Construction Progress Photography

Monitor progress from the sky

Showcase your project from start to finish. Our drones and camera equipment are the perfect tools for tracking the progress of a job site through regular photos and videos. See how your projects are advancing from the sky with our professional aerial drone photography and videography.

We can capture a variety of angles, distances, and directions needed. Images can be used to monitor certain aspects of a project and for inclusion in your communication, reporting  or marketing materials.

Showcase your project

Need consistent weekly progress photo reports? Flight paths can be recorded and repeated by the push of a button using GPS software that integrates with the drone, meaning photos and video can be taken from the exact same location, heading and camera angle each and every time. This allows progress photos and reports to always look consistent, be interpreted more easily and provide a professional finish for marketing purposes.

Being able to share the status of a project with stakeholders and clients, monitor change over the course of the projects life and capturing progression is invaluable to any contractor. Uprify can provide both air and on the ground photography and video so you can:

  • monitor your project
  • share the state of a project
  • make better decisions on the job site
  • use in reporting and marketing/communications

monitor your project progress from the sky

Certified & Licensed

We are fully insured and licensed for both day and night work. Uprify have Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval, which means we are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) in Australia. We hold the established industry Remote Pilot License for various weight categories and our Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) allows us to operate outside of standard operating conditions.
We also hold:

  • Aviation Security Identification Card authorised ( ASIC -access to security controlled areas)
  • Aeronautical radio operators certificate (AROC)
  • Commercial drone registration as required as of 2021
  • Manned aviation qualifications to back experience

All of Uprify’s drone pilots run through our safety checks and procedures prior to each drone flight.